The Birdhead consists of Tim Colletti (Vocals), Tim Duhig (Lead Guitar), Chris Swiderski (Bass Guitar) and Mark Foltynewicz (Drums). The four fowlers began with a flutter when Mark and Tim (D.) found themselves jamming in a basement because their kids went to school together. The duo quickly expanded after several drinks were enough to convince now converted guitarist Chris to buy a bass and form a band. Chris' friend, songbird Tim (C.), was quick to offer his sultry vocals to the vivacious trio and a new group was hatched into the northern suburbs of Illinois.

The band flies at an altitude of sound blending 90s grunge, classic rock and a bit of jammy flair. The four songwriters collaborate on both originals and covers ranging from classic to unique. With a few years of basement sessions mixed with a dose of local shows, their electric wings continue to flutter with the same burning intensity they found when they first jumped the nest.


(WIWT) Birdhead ยท Augustfest 2019